Water Needs

Light Needs

Common Name


Scientific Name

Encelia Farinosa

Botanical Pronunciation

en-SEAL-E-ah fair-i-NO-sa

Plant Type

Small Shrubs

Deciduous / Evergreen

Winter evergreen to almost summer deciduous

Special Features

Flower stamens exude a fragrant resin


Lemon yellow daisy-like flowers, heaviest in the spring. It may continue to bloom well into the summertime with some humidity and a little extra moisture.

Growth Habit

compact, Rounded

Growth Rate


Average Landscape Size

spreading, can reach up to 4 feet in height

Landscape Uses

Ground cover, Perennial border

Care Information

Brittlebush is a member of the sunflower family. The hairs on the brittlebush plant serve several purposes. Many desert plants have hairy leaves or stems. The hairs act like a blanket over the leaves to protect them from the heat and cold. The white color reflects the sunlight helping to keep the plant cool. They also help trap any moisture and reduce the amount of water lost.

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