Water Needs

Light Needs

Common Name

Chilean Mesquite

Scientific Name

Prosopis chilensis

Plant Type

Shade Trees

Deciduous / Evergreen


Special Features

Thornless variety of mesquite



Growth Habit


Growth Rate


Average Landscape Size

30' x 30'

Care Information

Very fast growing. Make thinning cuts to the crown to avoid becoming too top heavy while the roots are still getting established. We do not recommend this tree for Washington County. We lost half of our garden specimens in spite of a mild 2015-16 winter. A possible problem was that December was relatively warm and wet so the trees did not go dormant and filled up with water. In early January, temperatures dipped into the low 20's causing the trees to freeze and split. Perhaps as the remaining trees mature they will be more resilient to rapid temperature changes.

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USDA Hardiness Zone

20° F, Zone 9

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