Water Needs

Light Needs

Common Name

Bells of Fire

Scientific Name

Tecoma x 'Bells of Fire'

Botanical Pronunciation


Plant Type

Large Shrubs

Deciduous / Evergreen


Special Features

Low Water Once Established/Water-wise


Spring, It will bloom early and rebloom bright red bell-shaped flowers continuously until frost

Growth Habit

Tall and Wide

Growth Rate


Average Landscape Size

4-6' x 3 - 4'

Landscape Uses

Accent, Border, Container, Hedge

Care Information

Marginally hardy in St. George. We've had mixed results at the garden. We have tried these over two seasons now and usually lose half of them in the winter. The ones that survive freeze back to the ground before regrowing in the spring. The beautiful summer blossoms persuade us to give them another chance. They recover best with full winter sun, preferably reflected heat from a wall or boulder. Your best bet is to treat them as an annual and cross your fingers that they come back.

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