Water Needs

Light Needs

Common Name

Apache Plume

Scientific Name

Fallugia paradoxa

Botanical Pronunciation

fal-LEW-gi-a pa-ra-DOX-a

Plant Type

Large Shrubs

Deciduous / Evergreen


Special Features

Utah Native, Attracts Bees, Medicinal: Hopis steeped leaves and applied the liquid as a rinse to promote hair growth. (Weiner) Roots dug in fall boiled in water for coughs, spring twigs made into tea for indigestion and spring fever.


White apple blossom-like flowers with Distinctive, pink, feathery plumes characterizing the persistent fruit, Bloom Spring-Summer

Growth Habit


Growth Rate


Average Landscape Size


Landscape Uses

Considered valuable for erosion control,

Care Information

Very drought and heat tolerant.

Prune back close to the ground when it begins to look unkempt or floppy to generate dense growth.

Will tolerate some shade but may be less upright and floppy.

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USDA Hardiness Zone

-40° F, Zone 3a

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