Water Needs

Light Needs

Common Name

Argentine Giant Cactus

Scientific Name

Trichocerus 'Hybrid'

Plant Type


Deciduous / Evergreen


Special Features

Hybrid varieties come in a range of flower colors. Stunning blooms open at night and last a few days in the spring. Summer blooms typically only last one day.


Intermittently, Spring-Summer

Growth Habit


Growth Rate


Average Landscape Size


Care Information

Provide good drainage

Marginally hardy in our area. Plant in locations where it will receive adequate winter sunlight or reflected heat.

Individual stalks will lie down as they get taller. This is a normal growth habit and does not need to be staked back up. Allow it to root and new stalks will begin to clump around it.

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USDA Hardiness Zone

20° F, Zone 9a

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