Quail Creek Water Treatment Plant

Water is a limited resource in Washington County. All local resources originate from a single source – the Virgin River basin.

From its early inhabitants to current day, residents have worked to secure and deliver water to survive.

Some of Washington County’s current water infrastructure was built by early Mormon pioneers who settled the area in the 1850s.  The settlers built dams, canals and reservoirs that are still in use today: Enterprise Reservoir (completed in 1909) and Ivins Reservoir (completed in 1918).

The early settlers established a framework for life and water in Washington County that continues to benefit residents today.

Residents of Washington County are no longer required to dig ditches and fill water buckets for their water supply.  They simply turn on the tap.

But, behind that tap are hundreds of miles of pipeline, treatment facilities and thousands of federal, state, county and city employees who work 365 days a year to provide a safe, reliable water supply. The labor to secure, store, treat and deliver water is ongoing.

Follow the link wcwcd.org  to fin more information on water infrastructure.